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I explain Kids’Skills in 20 minutes

In this video I explain the Kids’Skills method in 20 minutes. Subtitles in English and in Finnish. More subtitles to come.

Skilful Class – project for the whole class

Children from the Jewish and English schools in Helsinki are sharing their experiences of participating in the Skilful Class project. Be sure to turn on English or Estonian subtitles.

The Support Group Method

Click here for the playlist. The Support Group Approach – a solution-focused method to stop bullying. A playlist of videos where Ben Furman interviews Sue Young, the British teacher who developed the support group approach. Subtitles in Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Japanese.

Samaberbete med föräldrar i skolan

Föreläsning i Maj 2016 på en utbildningsdag i Helsinki angående elektronisk kommunikation mellan skolan och hemmet.

Solution-focused teamwork skills for students

Video for students and teachers presenting a solution-focused manualized six session program for teaching solution-focused communication skills to adolescents. With English and German subtitles.

Solution-focused teamwork skills for teenagers

English video with Japanese subtitles!

On the uses of imagination in therapy

A six minute interview at the Mentale Stärken conference in Heidelberg 2014 about the utilization of imagination in therapy and coaching.

Interview about Kids’ Skills in China

Ben is interviewed about Kids’ Skills on a popular Chinese website SINA. English with Chinese Translation.

Part 1.

Part 2. 

Part 3 

Apology and forgiveness

ハワイのヘルス・エジュケーター ローレン・ウォーカーと一緒に、二人で作成した「謝罪と許し」プログラムについて説明しています。実践的修復的司法とソリューション・フォーカスト・セラピーとを組み合わせて作られたこのプログラムは、下記のサイトで日本語でも使用することができます。

Es ist nie zu spät glücklich zu sein

Vortrag im Institut für lösungsfokussierte Kommunikation vom 13.06.2013 im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe “Zum Glück? Hier lang!”

Apology and forgiveness

Ben and Lorenn Walker from Hawaii describe their apology and forgiveness website at Ccaptions in English and Finnish.

How to create solution-focused workplaces

Ben tells about Cooperation, a solution-focused training program for companies and organizations.Duration 32 min.

Solution-focused psychology in Schools

Intended Skype lecture for MYSA (Middle Years Schooling Association) conference in Australia in May 2013. The internet connection didn’t work so the next day I recorded the lecture at home for participants to view at their convenience.

The solution-focused teacher (Swedish, German and Dutch subtitles)

A model for teachers to talk about problem behavior with children and young people in a solution-focused and collaborative way. Enlarge to see the subtitle icon on the bottom of the screen and click to choose subtitles.

Steps of Responsibility

Dr. Ben Furman explains in a simple way what taking responsibility

Dr. Rob McNeilly interviews Ben about Kids’ Skills (audio)

Dr. Rob McNeilly from Australia is interviewing me in Helsinki about Kids’ Skills and the flowerpot theory. Listen to audio.


Om att i stället för att straffa barn hjälpa dem att ta ansvar för sina gärningar. 30 min.

Jag Kan -metoden

Om hur man på ett lösningsfokuserat sätt kan hjälpa barn att övervinna problem och svårigheter. 30 min.

Solution-focused teacher – with Japanese subtitles


What does taking responsibility mean – Japanese subtitles